TASC Celebrating 40 Years

2022 marks a significant anniversary for TASC Legal and Social Justice Services, we have been serving the Toowoomba and Southwest communities in Queensland for 40 years!

Established in 1982, by a committed group of lawyers and social workers, we have since led the way to provide exceptional community legal, social justice, and advocacy services.

CEO Frances Klaassen OAM said that TASC began as a small community service in Toowoomba, with a mission to help people who could not access justice, due to financial or other barriers.

“Fundamental to our work throughout our 40 years is the recognition that people often require more than assistance with their legal issues, social factors impact their lives and contribute to their legal issues or create barriers to addressing their presenting issue.” Ms. Klaassen said.   

“We have come a long way from our humble beginnings, as we now service one of the largest regional areas, spanning over 400,000 square kilometres. It is a great honour to be leading such a passionate team of professionals, but it would be amiss of me to not acknowledge those that built TASC to what it is today. Foundational volunteers such as Mark Orchard, Gillian Mason Johnson, Stephen Rees and Michael Maguire are the reason TASC began.”

“It is set to be an exciting year with a number of celebratory events and activities planned to encourage people to support TASC either by volunteering with us or donating to help continue our services.

“We thank the community, past and present staff, and the people who access our services, for continuing to support us and encourage our mission.”

This year and always, we want to encourage our friends and those who access our services to ‘come as you are’ because TASC is a safe space that you can access, just as you are – either in person or via phone. We all go through challenges and struggles during our life and we want you to know that we are here to guide you through those tough times. 

Keep an eye out on how you can help nurture and expand awareness of our services, especially throughout regional Queensland, in the coming months as we launch our celebratory 40-year events!

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