Who We Are


TASC is a long-standing provider of community legal, social justice and advocacy services across a large geographic area in Queensland.

We were established in 1982 by a committed group of lawyers, and were then known as the Toowoomba Community Legal Service.

Working with people in their local communities, our lawyers recognised that often legal problems were part of, or made worse by, bigger social and economic challenges.

We found that advocacy became a natural fit within our services, and this led to a name change to The Advocacy and Support Centre, or TASC, in 2004.  In 2016 we changed our name to TASC National Limited, but most people simply call us “TASC”.

From a small community service in Toowoomba, we now serve over 3,000 people a year, across a geographic area spanning over 400,000 square kilometres of South West Queensland and a further 6,000 kilometres square across the Ipswich region. We operate in other areas such as North and South Burnett and Gympie.

Regardless of name changes and growing over time, our mission has stayed constant.  We do our best to support the community we work with, so that people who reach out to TASC trust us, value our advice, and feel welcome and safe here.


Our Vision

“Social Justice For All”

Our Mission Statement

Promoting Positive Change Through Action

Our Values


We have hope in a positive outcome and a positive future for the people we support.


We work with high ethical standards and integrity. We have respect for people of all backgrounds and abilities.  We are committed to respectful and mutual reconciliation with First Nations peoples throughout the communities we support.  Our high ethical standards inform our work and how we engage with clients, colleagues, volunteers, supporters and community.


We stay close to our roots as a community legal centre seeking “justice for all”. We recruit people who walk the walk and actively demonstrate their commitment to principles of social justice and equality.


We treat people with empathy and understanding. We put the people we serve first and aim to provide caring, professional advocacy support and legal advice for people experiencing vulnerability & marginalisation.


We do not give up. We show persistence in achieving outcomes, doing so ethically, respectfully and collaboratively.