Living out west and looking for free legal advice? We’ve got you covered!

TASC is the leading community legal centre for Greater South West Queensland and continues to make its mark with services constantly expanding. We have been in the Roma community for six years and so far have helped thousands of people all through the west!

What can we help you with? We can assist with matters including:

For example, if you’re going through domestic and family violence, we can:

  • Give you information on how to take out a domestic violence order.
  • If you are going to a local court on a domestic and family violence matter, TASC can give you legal advice or help with your matter on your court date.
  • Assist you if you are responding to a domestic violence order that someone has taken out against you or if you want to make a change to a current order.

TASC is funded by the State and Federal governments to provide free services, hence some eligibility criteria may apply.

Contact us to understand your eligibility and make sure you’re advised properly on 07 4616 9700.

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