National Sorry Day

We all make mistakes. But when those mistakes cause harm to others, communication channels are destroyed and relationships are put at risk. An apology cannot undo the past, but through open and inclusive dialogue, we can break down and rebuild those communication bridges and help repair relationships.

It may even be an opportunity to strengthen the relationship.

Every year on 26 May, Australia pauses to acknowledge the grief, trauma and loss suffered by the Stolen Generations and share the steps towards healing for the First Australians affected, as well as their families and communities.

If you or your loved ones have been affected by the child removal policies and would like support in your healing journey, reach out to


1 in 2000 Australians are born with limb differences and more than 10,000 lose a limb each year due to injury, trauma, diabetes, cancer or infection. This can have a devastating impact on the lives of family, friends and loved ones.

If you are a disabled person, or know somebody who is living with a disability, and are looking for legal, justice or advocacy support, then call TASC on 07 4616 9700 or visit to see how we can lend you a hand.

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