Volunteer Opportunities Webinar with USQ

TASC Legal and Social Justice Services is collaborating with the University of Southern Queensland’s School of Law and Justice to offer volunteering opportunities to students and alumni.

Drawing on our long-standing relationship, TASC staff and Founding TASC Member, Mark Orchard, joined together with Associate Professor of Law Caroline Hart, to discuss what a community legal centre does, as well as details about our volunteer program.

CEO Frances Klaassen OAM, said the webinar was a fantastic way to collaborate with USQ and spread the message of volunteering at TASC.

“We’d like to thank USQ for the opportunity to collaborate with their School of Law and Justice to help students and alumni find volunteer or career pathways at TASC and beyond,” Ms Klaassen said.

“With our dynamic host, Professor Caroline Hart, I really enjoyed shining a light on volunteers, as well as our growing organisation – we can’t wait to welcome USQ students and alumni into the TASC family.”

Did you miss the webinar and would like to know more?

You can view the recording of the webinar here: https://cloudstor.aarnet.edu.au/plus/s/dW5mY6ETMLWCKde

Please use password: kUc6L^s#HQWs

There are many types of legal volunteers that we can support, these being PLT Program Students, Lawyers/Solicitors or Barristers, and law students. The main legal volunteers are looking for currently are:

  • Lawyers in practice, to assist clients on a pro-bono basis (specifically in areas of law that may be outside of our current scope).
  • Evening Legal Advice Solicitors (clients often come to us with legal matters surrounding family law, but again often can be something that sits outside of our scope)
  • Legal Intake and Referral Officers (the first point of contact for clients when they access our services).

In line with government requirements, all volunteers need to have a current Blue Card (NB: solicitors may be exempt) and Disability Worker Screening Card. If you don’t already have these documents, TASC’s online volunteer portal will help guide you to complete the application process.

Does this sound like you? Click here to apply to be a volunteer at TASC!

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