TASC Float Named Grand Champion!

Thank you to Grand Central Shopping Centre in Toowoomba for naming our TASC float the Grand Champion of the Itty Bitty Float Competition!

Our staff rallied together to produce a beautiful float that was displayed during The Carnival of Flowers at Grand Central in September.

The theme for the floral floats centred on hope for a brighter world, and with this, we created a display that reflects our services with this inspiring message:

“TASC is a legal and social justice service that helps improve lives. When despair is all around and you’re caught in the cracks of life, TASC is the bridge to a better, brighter world. We enable justice to give people the hope and capacity to move forward.”

A big thank you to the judges and everyone who voted for us.

We hope that we were able to spread a little bit of joy and a better understanding of our services.

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