My Life My Voice – TASC Self Advocacy Support

Self-advocacy can be an intimidating prospect for many people, particularly those living with disability or from non-English speaking backgrounds.

To take some of the mystery out of the advocacy process, TASC designed and built an online resource for self-advocacy – My Life, My Voice.

Accessibility was a core goal of the project, with the tool being translated into seven languages and presented in dyslexic friendly text and Auslan.

Knowing your rights and how to advocate for them can be an intimidating process for people and one which many of us have little experience of doing formally.

It takes confidence and knowledge to effectively advocate for yourself and we hope the tool can help people taking these steps.

Through our legal and social justice advocacy activities at TASC we know there can be many barriers to both accessing advocacy services and self advocacy.

My Life, My Voice aims to help take some of these away by giving people some self-help tools in the advocacy process and provide an insight into what advocacy involves.

My Life, My Voice is now available to everybody online at

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