Sexual Violence Awareness Month

Sexual Violence Awareness Month (SVA Month) is held during October each year to raise community awareness about sexual violence, promote the support options available to people affected by sexual assault and sexual abuse, and uphold  a clear message that sexual violence will not be tolerated in our communities.

Sexual violence can happen to anybody, regardless of age, gender, race, culture, socioeconomic status, ability, sexual orientation or location. First Nations women and girls, and women and girls with disability, are especially vulnerable.

  Sexual violence is a violation of human rights and is unacceptable.  All of us have the ability to look out for each other’s safety and play a role in preventing this form of abuse in our communities.

If you have been impacted, or know someone who has been,  our Legal Service provides legal advice for matters relating to domestic violence which can often involve sexual violence.

For persons who have experienced institutional child sexual abuse we may be able to assist  through our Redress Support Service . Go here to find out more

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