Hundreds of desperate Queensland renters have been targeted by scammers taking advantage of the state’s housing crisis. Currently, the scammers use text, email and telephone to try to take your private details and your money.

Banks and finance companies, energy, water and telco’s will not ask for your personal information in a text, email or a cold call on the phone. If you get a contact in any of these situations, please do not engage in any communication with the contact. Instead, call the entity and alert them about the contact you have received. Emails in particular are troublesome.

Some scammers use the company they supposedly represent in part of their email address. Also, if it does not show up then it is most likely a scam. If you do not recognise the sender or the email address, then just delete it or report it. Any communication from a scammer will ask you to click on a link, call a number or reply to the correspondence. If you do not know who the sender is or recognise the sender’s details don’t contact them just delete the information.

If you or somebody you know is experiencing rental issues including bond and lease disputes, eviction and termination of leases, understanding their rights and responsibilities, and talking to their landlord or agent about problems, call the QSTARS hotline on 1300 744 263 and ask to speak to your local service (TASC). TASC’s office number is 07 4616 9700.

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