Removal or Review of an Administrator

Administrators for financial matters are appointed by the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT) or the Court.

Your Financial Administrator’s role is to make prudent financial decisions that best promote your independence and quality of life.

Financial Administrators can be removed or reviewed when:

  • They have not acted in your best interests
  • They have not acted in terms of QCAT’S decision
  • They have neglected their duties or abused decision making authority, either generally or for a specific matter
  • They have otherwise breached the Guardianship and Administration Act 2000
  • The need for an Administrator no longer exists
  • They are no longer competent to act as a decision maker
  • Another person is more appropriate to be your Administrator
  • They no longer wish to act.

Steps to take to review or remove an Administrator:

  1. Complete 2 copies of the QCAT Form – Report by medical and related health professionals. This form is to be filled out by a doctor, psychologist and/or psychiatrist. Section 9.1 of the Form needs to reflect that they agree you ‘can make complex decisions’ regarding finances
  2. Complete QCAT Form 10 – Application for Administration/Guardianship Appointment or Review
  3. TASC Forms Clinic can assist you to complete this
  4. Attach Supporting evidence – 12 months of bank statements, supporting letters from family, friends, support workers etc and a 12 month budget (evidence of decision making going forward – income, costs, savings etc)
  5. Lodge all 3 forms and supporting evidence to:QCAT Registry
    GPO Box 1639
    Brisbane QLD 4001
    (Ensure you keep 3 copies of each application and supporting evidence)
  6. QCAT will post a notice to you which will state a date, time and venue for which the Tribunal will hear the Review. Tribunals are held regularly for people to have the opportunity to voice their concerns about their administration to the Tribunal Member. Therefore it is important that you attend your Tribunal Hearing as this is the place where you can have your issues, questions heard and addressed
  7. You are allowed to have support people with you at your Tribunal (support workers, Advocate, family, friends) but they will need to contact QCAT before (2 weeks before Tribunal) to let them know who will be attending.

The Tribunal Member will ask you questions about your income and ongoing costs and they will want to hear detailed answers.

The Tribunal Member will also ask questions relating to your future plans for how you will budget your finances and plan for savings so it is important to have your budget and understand it.

The Tribunal Member will make a decision about reviewing and/or revoking financial administration after hearing all the information from yourself and whoever else is present.

Contact QCAT for further information or to find out where your application is up to on 1300 753 228 between 8.30am and 5.00pm on weekdays; Tuesdays between 9.00am and 5.00pm For further assistance please contact your nearest TASC location.

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