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Why donate?

For over 40 years TASC has received donations from people all over Australia. It has made a significant difference in being able to expand our services, but also the impact it has on the community is immeasurable.

Your donation to TASC means you are supporting a range of work that helps people who have found themselves in vulnerable situations get back on their feet. Funds go to helping continue:

  • Legal help and support – e.g. someone fleeing a domestic or family violence situation and needs support to understand their legal rights
  • Education – e.g. providing the community, businesses and schools with legal and social justice education sessions
  • Increased services – e.g. more social workers or solicitors to help provide support where there is none or very little
  • Rural outreach – e.g. being able to service rural communities that often don’t have access to free legal advice or social justice support.

As we are a not-for-profit and rely solely on government funding and/or donations, we encourage you to consider donating to truly make a difference and change the lives of people around you.

We thank you for your donation, and more importantly so do the people you support.

To talk to TASC about how you can contribute, please call us on 07 4616 9700 or email [email protected].

Donate Today

As TASC is a registered charity with deductible gift recipient (DGR) status, all donations over $2 are tax-deductible.

We understand that sometimes people are not always in a position to help financially, so we would love for you to consider donating your time to volunteer with us.

After all, time is free!

Click here to find out how to volunteer with us.

Did you know?

In a given year, of our clients:

  • 96% will be on a low income or facing financial disadvantage
  • 37% will be experiencing domestic and family violence
  • 41% will be people with a disability and/or mental illness
  • 32% will be aged over 50 years
  • 8% will have no source of income
  • 6% will be experiencing homelessness, or at risk of being homeless.
  • 11% will be living in outer regional or remote areas
  • 8% will identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander

Donate today to help change lives and enable real access to justice.

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