Do you know about the Gumbi Gumbi tree?

This week TASC’s gardener, Barry planted our Gumbi Gumbi tree as part of our efforts to beautify our workplace.  Did you know the Gumbi Gumbi tree is a traditional aboriginal bush medicine from South West Queensland?  Traditionally it has been used for a wide variety of ailments including coughs, colds and eczema.  Currently there is academic interest in Gumbi Gumbi and how it is used traditionally, with a wonderful ABC article here.

Aboriginal bush medicine is part of the rich tapestry of indigenous culture, knowledge and achievements being celebrated during NAIDOC Week in the first week of July.

It’s a chance for all Australians to celebrate and learn about the oldest, continuous culture on earth and learn more about First Nations culture and history.  The team at TASC are busily putting together the final touches for their stand at this year’s Toowoomba community event being held at the Goods Shed in Victoria St on Monday 4 July and we would love it if you can join us to catch up.  NAIDOC week is a great opportunity to support and get to know your local Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander communities and we encourage everyone to join the activities. 

More information about NAIDOC Week can be found at .

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