TASC National Limited (TASC) actively seeks the input of clients and stakeholders and encourages them to provide feedback, both positive and negative, as a source of ideas for improving services and activities. TASC will:

  • foster a service culture that encourages open and honest communication
  • inform clients about the standard of service they can expect
  • protect the right of clients and stakeholders to provide feedback and to make complaints about service delivery
  • encourage and make it easy for people to provide feedback
  • provide anonymity to people providing feedback
  • record and analyse information arising from feedback and use it to improve services.


Encouraging clients and stakeholder feedback

Feedback may be provided by individual clients and stakeholders on their initiative or in response to requests from TASC.

Individual clients and stakeholders may provide feedback by:

  • telephone conversation
  • email
  • comment on social media
  • written communication
  • other forms of communication

The Organisational Coordinator or delegate will be responsible for receiving and making a record of feedback in the TASC feedback register. Coordinators will be responsible for reviewing feedback records regularly and identifying any action required.

TASC will seek feedback from clients and stakeholders by providing client surveys upon completion of a service or closure of a file.  The relevant Coordinator will regularly review feedback and be responsible for analysis of the results and introduction of any necessary re-evaluation or improvement processes that might be required by virtue of negative feedback.


The Quality Assurance Officer will be responsible for maintaining and managing the feedback register.

Coordinators will be responsible for reporting feedback to the Chief Executive Officer at their meetings. Results from client and stakeholder feedback will be reviewed by the Chief Executive Office and Coordinators to:

  • inform service planning by including a review of client and stakeholder feedback in all service planning, monitoring and evaluation activities
  • inform decision making by including reporting on client and stakeholder feedback as a standard item on staff and management meeting agendas.
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