TASC National Limited (TASC) is committed to maximising access to its services for everyone within the agreed target client group and to ensuring equity of access across eligible service users. TASC will work within its available resources while endeavouring to optimise access for people to services and activities.

TASC will:

  • identify and address barriers to access for people in the target group/s;
  • use service planning to maximise accessibility for people in the target group/s, ensuring that all services, activities, facilities and premises are designed to maximise physical and cultural accessibility for service users;
  • use proactive information strategies for potential service user groups to increase knowledge of and understanding about TASC and the services offered; and
  • regularly review how accessible services are and use this information to improve access wherever possible.


Identifying barriers to access

TASC provides services to meet the needs of our clients including:

  • the vulnerable and marginalised in our society;
  • people with disabilities, including physical, intellectual, mental health issues or an acquired brain injury;
  • people in rural and remote areas; and
  • people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

Services are provided in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of Funding and Service Agreements for TASC funded programs as detailed in the TASC Annual Report and through the work of volunteers.

In order to identify barriers to access, TASC will:

  • compare the profile of service users with local population data and past service records on an annual basis to identify any groups that are underrepresented;
  • review relevant literature and practice experience;
  • consult with service users and/or their advocates, other agencies and staff; and
  • seek advice from relevant community groups or members.

The Chief Executive Officer will be responsible for coordinating this process and reviewing the research outcomes as part of the annual planning process


TASC will ensure the following:

  • Its premises are in a reasonable location in relation to transport;
  • Its premises and facilities are physically accessible to people with limited mobility or disability;
  • Its opening hours provide access to the full range of service users;
  • Services are provided in as flexible a manner as possible to meet the needs of individuals;
  • It maintains effective messaging systems for service users to contact TASC;
  • Client areas are kept clean, comfortable and welcoming;
  • The cultural and language needs of people within the target group/s are identified and accommodated in accordance with the TASC Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Action Plan;
  • Efforts are made to ensure that Interpreters or bilingual staff are available for any person requiring this assistance.


The Organisational Development Coordinator will be responsible for developing and reviewing a service promotion and information strategy.

TASC will produce information about its services and activities in a range of formats suitable for the full range of people who may need to access them.

General information about TASC and its services and activities will be made available through various communication channels including the TASC website, Facebook site, and written communications including the Annual Report, information brochures, fact sheets, oral presentations and personal meetings.

Monitoring access strategies

The Chief Executive Officer will be responsible for reviewing the effectiveness of physical and cultural access strategies as part of annual service evaluations.

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