About TASC

TASC is a not-for-profit organisation with a mission to provide a voice and support to all our clients as we create solutions together through expert legal, advocacy and social service delivery.  At TASC, we are committed to increasing inclusion and making sure that people are treated fairly and with dignity.

A Bit About TASC’s History

TASC has a proud history of regional service provision.  We were established in 1982 as the Toowoomba Community Legal Service, with a vision of providing legal assistance to vulnerable and marginalised members of the Toowoomba community. 

Over time, and recognising the needs of our rural and regional communities, TASC expanded to include advocacy services and became The Advocacy and Support Centre (TASC) Inc.  

As our service has grown over time, our aim has remained the same: doing our best to support the community we work with, so that people who reach out to TASC trust us, value our advice, and feel welcome and safe here.

TASC Today

With offices also now in Ipswich and Roma, TASC has grown from an incorporated association to TASC National Limited: a company limited by guarantee, and one of Queensland’s largest regional community legal centres. 

We receive funding from federal and state governments to deliver our essential legal, advocacy and social services.  Our team of lawyers, advocates and social workers collaborate closely with service providers, legal firms, universities and the South West community to deliver a range of services and initiatives. 

TASC is supported by an amazing team of volunteers who dedicate their valuable time and energy delivering legal and administrative assistance for the benefit of our clients.

TASC is accredited by the National Association of Community Legal Centres for our Legal Services and the Department of Communities, Child Safety, and Disability Services Human Services Quality Standards for Advocacy Services.

Our Partnerships

Since TASC started we have had great support from individual lawyers and legal firms who provide pro bono services, which allow us to run free legal Clinics for people in Toowoomba, Ipswich and the South West.  These Clinics provide people with legal advice and information that they might not otherwise have access to.

If you are a legal practitioner – freshly qualified or long-serving, new to volunteering or experienced – TASC would love to hear from you.  We work with people who seek advice, information and referrals for a range of situations and who will benefit from your skills and knowledge of the Queensland legal system.

Whether you can use your expertise to help people fill out an affidavit, or to assist the people we support who face elder abuse and domestic and family violence – any contribution of your time and skills is valued.  Not just by the TASC team, but by the people we support.

Call TASC on 4616 9700, or email reception@tascnational.org.au.  One of our team will contact you to talk about your interests, areas of expertise, and the time you have available.


On behalf of the people we support, TASC thanks the legal firms and their individual team members who generously contribute to our work


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