On Friday November 25 Ms Louise Todd, TASC National’s Client Services Support Officer was on hand to receive a plaque presented on behalf of the Queensland Police Service. The plaque is for TASC’s contribution as ‘valued partner of the Queensland Police Service in supporting the community through Police Referrals 2016’ and was presented by Detective Senior Sergeant Matt Howard -Toowoomba District and Tanya Marshall, Admin Officer – Toowoomba District.

Police Referrals relates to the referral of community members (with their consent) to service providers typically in government and non-government sectors.  TASC National entered into an agreement with the Queensland Police Referral Coordination Service (QPRCS) and receives anything from 5-15 referrals a week!

Notifications of these referrals come through to TASC, via email, and our staff log onto the Police Referral website daily.  Matters referred to TASC are listed and we complete conflict of interest checks and Intake process with these clients, setting up appointments for those that TASC are able to assist (fitting within our eligibility criteria), and/or referring those that TASC are unable to assist, to two or more other service providers. 

We thank the Queensland Police Service for recognising the contribution made by Team TASC.  Well done!

Pictured Louise Todd

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