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Are you on the brink of your tax bracket? A donation at the end of this financial year does good in the community and also reduces your taxable income. This is a generous method to help shift the rate in which your earnings are taxed each year.

More and more Aussies are relying on us for help. Please give before 30th of June to make a difference today. Your charitable donation ensures that no one is left in need.

Pride Month

Did you know that between 72,000 and 370,000 LGBTIQ+ people live in Queensland? They work, pay taxes, have families and are active members of our community. However, according to the Queensland Police, up to 62% of them have experienced domestic and family violence (DFV) and are less likely to seek support.

This Pride month is an opportunity for all of us to peacefully raise awareness of this and other issues facing the LGBTIQ+ community. There must be a visible, supported, and joyous event telling people of the LBTQI+ community that it is a beautiful, diverse, supported and welcoming community, one to be a proud member of, and one that deserves the rights and dignities of every human.

If you live in Toowoomba, Ipswich or the surroundings or know someone in those areas who are experiencing any form of abuse, contact TASC Legal and Social Justice Services on 07 4616 9700.

To learn more about TASC or to make a tax deductible donation, visit www.tascnatioanl.org.au and click SUPPORT US!

Celebrating Mabo Day – 30 Years Later

On 3 June, we commemorate 30 years since the 1992 Mabo decision by the High Court of Australia. Eddie Koiki Mabo courageously fought for 10-year to gain recognition of traditional Indigenous land rights. Always was, always will be. Thanks Eddie!

If you are a First Nation person, living in Toowoomba, Ipswich or immediate surroundings or know someone in the areas who is experiencing any form of abuse, contact TASC Legal and Social Justice Services on 07 4616 9700.

To learn more about TASC or to make a tax deductible donation, visit www.tascnational.org.au and click SUPPORT US!

Writing the new chapters of our history is in our hands

The National Reconciliation Week’s theme for 2022 is ‘Be Brave. Make Change’. This is a call for all Australian to be brave in their daily lives and to tackle the unfinished business of reconciliation so all Australians can benefit through an equal and united front.

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture is one of the oldest continuing cultures and has thrived on this land for over 80 000 years. These communities deserve to have access to the same opportunities. However, they still experience racism, prejudice, and gaps in health, justice, education and employment. National unity will only be possible if we are brave and bold enough to call this out wherever we find it.

TASC is funded by the Queensland Government to deliver the Seniors Legal and Support Service (SLASS). This free service is available to anyone aged over 60 years and First Nations people aged over 50 years.

If you live in or around Toowoomba or Ipswich , simply visit https://www.tascnational.org.au/services/ or call 07 4616 9700 for a confidential discussion with one of our SLASS  team.

To make a tax-deductible donation and support us in providing community advocacy support, visit www.tascnational.org.au/get-involved/support-us/ and click SUPPORT US!

National Sorry Day

We all make mistakes. But when those mistakes cause harm to others, communication channels are destroyed and relationships are put at risk. An apology cannot undo the past, but through open and inclusive dialogue, we can break down and rebuild those communication bridges and help repair relationships.

It may even be an opportunity to strengthen the relationship.

Every year on 26 May, Australia pauses to acknowledge the grief, trauma and loss suffered by the Stolen Generations and share the steps towards healing for the First Australians affected, as well as their families and communities.

If you or your loved ones have been affected by the child removal policies and would like support in your healing journey, reach out to https://healingfoundation.org.au/

TASC National joined Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea

According to Cancer Council Australia, almost seven in 10 Australians will survive for at least five years after a cancer diagnosis and in some cancers, the survival is as high as 90%. These success stories are only possible through continued support or donors. As an active member of our Community, TASC National hosted a staff morning tea and raised over $500 towards a good cause. Thank you to everyone that contributed to the morning tea and donated money. Your efforts are acknowledged and greatly appreciated.

Let’s show scammers who is boss! Law Week 2022

Laws are created to make sure that we understand what is expected of us as members of society. The theme of this year’s Law Week is ‘Spotlight on scams’. Stopping scammers is in our hands too. Further information about protecting yourself and your loved ones against scam fraud can be found at www.qld.gov.au/law/law-week.

If you live in or around Toowoomba or know someone who has been a victim of scammers call us on 07 4616 9700 or visit www.tascnational.org.au for a confidential discussion.

To make a tax-deductible donation and support us in providing advice to scam victims in our community, visit www.tascnational.org.au/get-involved/support-us/ and click SUPPORT US!

TASC attends Community Legal Centres Queensland State Conference 2022

TASC is a community legal centre providing legal, social justice and advocacy services to a large geographic area in South East Queensland for 40 years.

Our management team is always looking for opportunities to develop skills, increase knowledge and partner with others community legal centres to better service our clients.

This week, TASC CEO Frances Klassessan OAM (middle), TASC Principal Solicitor David Manwaring (left hand) and Senior Solicitor Allana Janke (right hand) attended the Community Legal Centres Queensland State Conference 2022 themed Champions, Allies & Advocates.

While there they took the opportunity to show their support for Community Legal Centres Australia #Handsupforjustice.

To know more about the services we provide to our community or to make a tax deductible donation, visit https://www.tascnational.org.au/get-involved/support-us/ and click SUPPORT US!”

Meet Natalie Alexander, TASC Advocate for the Fraser Coast Region

Natalie Alexander is an experienced Social Justice Advocate within the Fraser Coast Region. Natalie holds a Bachelor of Laws Degree and is extremely passionate about helping others find the Justice they deserve.

In addition to her primary job functions, Natalie has been recognised for her dedication and commitment to policing, being awarded a National Police Medal for her 10-year service, in the New South Wales Police Force.

Natalie stated ’ that she has an extreme passion for helping families through Family Law matters and Domestic Violence Support’.

Outside of work Natalie enjoys keeping fit and spending time with her family.

Meet Marlana Enklemann, TASC Social Justice Advocate for Ipswich

Marlana Enklemann is an experienced Social Justice Advocate working from the TASC Ipswich office. She is passionate about advocating for people with disabilities to have the best quality of life possible.

Marlana is tenacious, hardworking and driven and provides great outcomes for her clients.

Marlana stated ‘I’m standing up for my clients so they can feel included within the community with access to the same right as anyone else’.