TASC has warmly welcomed a one-year extension of funding to the Seniors and Legal Support, or SLASS, program, which we deliver for the Department of Communities, Disability Services and Seniors.

The SLASS program provides free legal advice and social work support to senior Australians in South West Queensland.  Its aim is to assist people who are experiencing abuse and financial mistreatment.   With ongoing funding, TASC will keep giving essential information, support and advice to members of our local community.

Community support throughout COVID-19

The CEO of TASC, Frances Klaassen OAM, says that continued funding is especially important in light of COVID-19.   As an organisation, TASC is committed to making sure that senior Queenslanders aren’t forgotten in coronavirus recovery responses.

As Ms Klaassen says, “the pandemic highlighted some of the ways that the older members of our community are more vulnerable”.

With social distancing restrictions that led to increased social isolation, “there is a potential environment for abuse or neglect,” she says.  “TASC is here for people whose human rights and safety may be at risk”.

Supporting the senior people who shaped our community

The Seniors Legal and Support Service can assist non-Indigenous people aged over 60 years, and Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people aged over 50. 

As Ms Klaassen puts it, these are “our former nurses, police officers, teachers, cleaners, volunteers.  They are the fabric of our community.  And TASC is here to support them in their senior years.

“We thank the Queensland Government for continuing to help TASC help our local community”.  For more information or to contact the Seniors Legal and Support Service, please call (07) 4616 9700.

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