TASC Legal and Social Justice Services has endorsed the campaign to create an Australian Charter of Human Rights.  This article by two our of team members, Chloe Blaney and Lachlan Naolu, sets out some of the reasons why we have done this.

Did you know Australia is the only western democracy that doesn’t have a Commonwealth Charter or Bill of Human Rights?

The Law Council of Australia explains that a Charter of Human Rights is a list of the human rights and freedoms that a nation thinks are important and deserving of specific legal protection

As Australians, we have laws in place to protect us, on both a Commonwealth and State level.  But there are some freedoms and rights that are not actually protected by the law – like the right to free speech.

So hypothetically, this means you could get in trouble if you posted a public criticism of the Prime Minister on your Facebook account. Weird, right?!

Advantages of a Charter of Human Rights

If Australia introduces a Charter of Human Rights, Australians will have a clear understanding of our human rights and the freedoms available to all people in our great nation.  

  • A Charter will allow a specific standard of rights and freedoms that our governments will need to stick to when making new laws.
  • A Charter will be an information tool about freedoms for everyone in our community.
  • And it will be a shield against injustice where an individual’s rights have been violated.

 Why TASC is endorsing the #charterofrights campaign

TASC believes that all Australians should have adequate access to justice.  We pride ourselves on providing both legal and social services to people who may not be aware of what protections are available to them. 

Because of this, TASC is proud to be amongst the first organisations to endorse the “Australia Charter of Human Rights Campaign”.   We are proud to have joined the campaign alongside Amnesty International, Oxfam Australia, Community Legal Centres Queensland, Maurice Blackburn Lawyers, Monash University and more.

Find out more

A Charter of Human Rights can help uphold justice for ALL Australians.  To add your voice to the campaign or find out more, head to https://charterofrights.org.au/

Article by Chloe Blaney (Senior Lawyer) and Lachlan Naolu (Legal Assessment and Intake Officer)

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